Assignment for the week of Jan 30 - Anigifs and Cinemagraphs

Hi EXrs, this week we're going to create anigifs around the ESA Experience. I've loaded three tutorials into the EX Labs site here. Your assignment this week is to create a unique anigif campaign that expresses the ESA Experience in your own ways. There are different ways to create anigifs. You can use video, still images and even create a mix of the two by creating a Cinemagraph. Basically your task is to create a campaign of three anigifs that express the ESA Experience, by this Friday. When we think of a campaign it means that our anigifs will all have a similar sub theme or strategy behind the overarching idea of the ESA Experience. So for example, maybe your sub theme would e experiencing nature, or science or sports or studying. The anigifs should feel as though they live in the same world as each other. And they should be rad. Remember that your anigifs will loop so it's important to think of them as a constant visual flow, when coming up with your concepts. For example, a locker opening and closing might be cool, or water constantly running through a fountain. Keep em fun and simple.

Brett Landry
Each shot as a photo.

I love this content because of the photographic elements; in that each shot could stand alone as itself as a photo.

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Brett Landry