Jennifer Graycheck

Visual Arts Leader

Jennifer is the Co-Chair of the visual arts department at ESA. She also leads the cross country team to state championships on occasion. She holds an MFA in photography from The University of Georgia and can often can be found inside the school's darkroom teaching students the art of still and moving pictures. You can email Jennifer at


Brett Landry

Creative Director

Brett used to go to ESA. He now owns a visual arts company in California where he enjoys bringing new moving pictures to the world. His work has been featured on the SuperBowl, 60 Minutes and on channels like Netflix. He has a five year old son named Walker and is addicted to surfing and making films. And trying to save the world through communication. You can get in touch with Brett by emailing 


Angie Broussard

Communications aficianado

Angie is the head of the creative communications program at ESA. She holds a bachelor of arts from Stanford University and a masters degree in Mass Comms from LSU. She also has a penchant for baseball and making beautifully designed art. This is a picture of Angie showing off her comms skills in 8th grade at ESA. You can reach Angie at