An EX Experiment

Hi team ESA. EXLabs has been a great experiment in creativity and communication. And I believe we are on to something really powerful and dynamic. As you may have heard, we've decided to have a little competition amongst the students. Right we're (DRKHRSE) shooting a national TV commercial and we need some help. So we want to get at least one of the EXers out to California to shoot and learn and experience things like surfing and fishing and paragliding and sailing....sounds terrible, I know. But we need your help, as judges. The assignment to the students was to create a video, or series of videos that embrace the spirit of the ESA experience, while also achieving technical and directorial merit. Based on your feedback, we'll choose a winner to fly out to Morro Bay to work out of our studio here for the ad (to air during the Amgen Tour of California bike race on NBC.) I've placed a form at the bottom of the page that will allow you to submit your favorite video choice, along with an brief explanation. Jennifer and I have a clear favorite but want to see what you all think!

Video 1 - note, this is a 360 video.

drag your mouse around on the image to experience different views.


video 2-  also in 360


video 3


video 4


video 5


video 6


video 7


VIDEO 8-this is a series of short videos